Partner Organizations

Occasionally new groups spring up in Pueblo. We support many of these new local groups, as well as the more seasoned organizations.

Get involved with one of these organizations that share our values and work to make changes for the betterment of the people. Many of these groups have specialized agendas that coincide with our platform and political views. Go to the following links to find out which ones you may wish to support or join!

Direct Partnerships

The Executive Committee of the Pueblo Democratic Party has voted to allow these groups to use "Democrat" in their name.

Young Democrats

Organizer: Garrett Kelley
Phone: 303-260-8606
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
National website link

Pueblo Facebook link

Jac-X-Pres Democratic Club

Mike Schuster, Chair
Phone: 719-595-0164
Join our local Democratic Club that hosts a luncheon and speaker's forum the first Thursday of the month.


Other Organizations

Ready for 100/Sierra Club
National website link
Colorado website link

Healthcare for All Coloradans
Website link

Labor Unions

Colorado WINS
304 S. Union Avenue
Pueblo, Colorado 81003
Website link

Southern Colorado Labor Council
2901 Farabaugh Lane
Pueblo, Colorado 81005
Facebook Link

Spanish Peaks Uniserv/
Colorado Education Association

511 W. 29th Street, Suite C
Pueblo, Colorado 81008
Website link

AFGE Local Union 3392
60 Caledonia Road
Pueblo, Colorado 81001

UFCW Local 7
1838 Vinewood Lane
Pueblo, Colorado 81005

National Association of Letter Carriers
1240 Lake Avenue
Pueblo, Colorado 81004

Fire Fighters
116 N. Main St.
Pueblo, Colorado 81003
Website Link

United Steelworkers of America
1414 E. Evans Avenue
Pueblo, Colorado 81004

Pueblo Education Association
1008 W. Abriendo Avenue
Pueblo, Colorado 81004

Pueblo Area Local APWU
1101 Berkley Avenue
Pueblo, Colorado 81004

Communication Workers
of America Local 7702
421 N. Main Street
Pueblo, Colorado 81003
Facebook Link

International Union of
Operating Engineers No. 9
706 Elmhurst Place
Pueblo, Colorado 81004

Pueblo Regional Building Authority
830 N. Main Street
Pueblo, Colorado 81003

AFSCME Council 76
333 Court Street
Pueblo, Colorado 81003

Iron Workers
Local Union No. 24

706 Elmhurst Place
Pueblo, Colorado 81004

Brotherhood of Maintenance
of Way Employees
1705 Claremont Avenue
Pueblo, Colorado 81004

IBEW Local Union 12
2901 Farabaugh Lane
Pueblo, Colorado 81005

We Stand with You to Address Issues Critical in Pueblo County

More and Better Jobs

  • Bring well-paying jobs to Pueblo County
  • Jumpstart our economy through local and national public works programs
  • Support strong labor unions, the creators of the middle class

Excellent Public Schools

  • Provide competitive salaries and benefits to attract exceptional teachers
  • Reduce the burden of standardized testing
  • Increase funding for infrastructure and technology

A Strong Safety Net

  • Strengthen the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) by boosting the exchanges and reducing costs
  • Resist all cuts to Medicare and Medicaid
  • Support SNAP and other critical programs

Immigration Reform

  • Halt or reduce summary deportations
  • Offer a path to citizenship for all qualified immigrants
  • Promote health care, education, nutrition, and family unity

Our Location

Pueblo County
Democratic Party
602 W. 9th Street
Pueblo, CO 81003
(719) 546-2745