Ongoing Programs

Just like you, we have your best interests in mind when courts rule on cases, legislators make laws, and governors and presidents sign bills. Because of this, we are Democrats.

Ongoing Programs. As the Pueblo County embodiment of the party that has always stood for the people, we advance our goals through several ongoing programs:

● Voter Registration. We encourage voter registration and send out volunteers to many local events to help people register to vote.
● Precinct Organizing. Our network of volunteer Precinct Chairs receives training in how to lead primary caucuses, and they help with get-out-the-vote efforts in their precincts. They go to voters where they live, providing information on endorsed candidates and motivating our supporters to vote.
● Candidate Support. We hold ongoing fundraising projects to raise money for local Democratic candidates. We also provide person-power in the way of neighborhood canvassers, phone-bankers, and data specialists.
● Communications. To build the party and support Democratic campaigns, we proactively communicate our message through the media to Democrats and to the general public. We also build relationships with community allies and partner organizations to promote our shared values and priorities.
● Fundraising and Infrastructure. The resources to accomplish our goals come from our local supporters in Pueblo County. We raise funds to keep our doors open, help our candidates, and build an infrastructure to benefit all Pueblo County Democrats.

We Stand with You to Address Issues Critical in Pueblo County

More and Better Jobs

  • Bring well-paying jobs to Pueblo County
  • Jumpstart our economy through local and national public works programs
  • Support strong labor unions, the creators of the middle class

Excellent Public Schools

  • Provide competitive salaries and benefits to attract exceptional teachers
  • Reduce the burden of standardized testing
  • Increase funding for infrastructure and technology

A Strong Safety Net

  • Strengthen the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) by boosting the exchanges and reducing costs
  • Resist all cuts to Medicare and Medicaid
  • Support SNAP and other critical programs

Immigration Reform

  • Halt or reduce summary deportations
  • Offer a path to citizenship for all qualified immigrants
  • Promote health care, education, nutrition, and family unity

Our Location

Pueblo County
Democratic Party
602 W. 9th Street
Pueblo, CO 81003
(719) 546-2745