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We are less than a week away from our Primary Election -- so if you haven't voted yet please do! 

The deadline to mail back your ballot has passed so please vote in-person or drop your ballot off at a dropbox near you!

What if there are no contests on my primary ballot?

Vote it anyway.  Primary elections are a good dry run for the general election, help confirm correct addresses for your general election ballot and provide important data to all 64 counties, the state party and all campaigns.  There is often a push to cancel primary elections where there is no contest for cost-saving purposes, canceling an election is dangerous precedent and your vote helps get a sense of voter turnout models we need for November.

How to Register / Update Your Voter Registration:

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All Ballots must be received by 7:00pm Tuesday June 28, 2022.

Join the Colorado Democratic Party and
The Stonewall Dems this weekend is PrideFest in Denver! 

The Denver Pride Parade begins this Sunday June 26 at 9:30AM.  The route will head north on Franklin St. out of the park and take a left onto Colfax Ave.  The route is 15 blocks and ends at the festival in Civic Center Park.  If you'd like to join us on the west grass of the capitol building, you can be included in the group photo.

Stonewall and CDP are now out of wrist bands required to march in the parade.  So please come watch the parade and support your fellow Democrats!  

Stonewall wants to thank our Denver PrideFest partners the Denver Democrats, the Denver Young Democrats and the Colorado Democratic Party!  We couldn't do this without your support.

June 25 & 26
Stonewall Democrats of Colorado - Denver Pride 2022 Booth

Colorado Gains Jobs, Strong Economy Means More Money Will be Returned to Coloradans Through Cashback Plan

Democratic members of the Joint Budget Committee today released the following statements after the Legislative Council staff and the Office of State Planning and Budgeting delivered the June economic forecasts.

“Today’s forecast shows that our economy is making a bold recovery with unemployment rates falling to pre-pandemic levels, nearly all sectors thriving, and Colorado’s employment gains outpacing the nation,” said JBC Chair Rep. Julie McCluskie, D-Dillon. “I’m proud of the fiscally responsible decisions we made to power the Colorado comeback and position our state to compete. We know that even with our strong recovery, families are struggling with high gas prices and the rising cost of living. Our Colorado Cashback Plan will send every Coloradan a refund check in September to help with everyday necessities, which thanks to our economic growth, will now be at least $750 for single filers and $1,500 for joint filers. From cutting property taxes to creating free universal preschool, we passed dozens of laws this year to help Coloradans and small businesses hold on to more of their hard-earned money.”

“Thanks to smart, responsible budgeting, Colorado’s economic recovery is leading the way, which is good news for families that are dealing with surging prices,” said JBC Vice Chair Sen. Chris Hansen, D-Denver. “Even better, Democrats have worked hard to ensure Colorado remains on a sound fiscal path, and today’s forecast means families will get even more money back - at least $750 for single filers and $1,500 for joint filers - when they receive their taxpayer relief checks this fall. I’m proud of the work we’ve done to invest in our communities, support Colorado’s economy, and move our state forward.”

The unemployment rate continued to fall in Colorado to 3.5 percent in May, led mostly by gains in the food and accommodations sectors. The state exceeds pre-pandemic jobs by 35,000 and continues to outpace the rest of the country. Inflationary pressures, however, will impact near term budget priorities and state departments. Geopolitical disruption and monetary policy decisions at the federal level in response to inflation were also presented as risks to the forecast. Extraordinary state and federal action to help Coloradans weather the disruption of the pandemic  ensured a stronger and faster recovery than previous  recessions.

During the 2022 legislative session, Democrats passed the Colorado Cashback Plan to send rebate checks to Coloradans in September to help people with rising costs. Under the new law, the state will refund approximately 85 percent of FY 2021-2022 surplus TABOR revenue through the Colorado Cashback Plan in checks of equal amounts for single filers and double that amount for joint filers. Due to Colorado’s strong recovery, the forecasts now estimate that the checks will be $750 for single filers and $1,500 for joint filers.

What is Initiative 63?

Katie B asked "What is Initiative 63? I've seen people asking me to sign a petition and I want to know if I should sign." We had Treasure Dave Young Answer!

CDP Treasurer Opening

CDP Treasurer position is currently vacant and will be filled on an interim basis until the 2023 reorg at our State Executive Committee on July 12. We have received notice from Christine Alonzo. If you are interested in running as interim treasurer, please send notice to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What's Happening Around the State


Join us for our 2022 Democracy Tour this summer! See when the Party will be in your Colorado community. We look forward this summer!

Join Our Big Tent Team!

Now more than ever we need your help to fight the extreme Republican candidates running for office this mid-term. With your help we can keep Colorado Blue in 2022 and keep our majorites here at home and in Washington.

Please join our Big Tent Big 10 Donors by giving just $10 a month you can help us fund our Win Plan.

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