Pueblo Chili pickers, Rep. Daneya Esgar (HD-46) & Gov. Jared Polis
Democrats clean up Pueblo's Mitchell Park.
Bri Buentello and Eppie Griego at Do Drop Inn Fundraiser
Our Headquarters sign, during campaign season and off-season
Governor Jared Polis came to Pueblo to call our bingo game.
Democrats call on Rep. Lauren Boebert (CD-3) to resign.
2019 Democratic Party Picnic at City Park
Rep. Donald Valdez (HD-62) at the Masketeer Mask Giveaway
Jason Munoz mans Dems' booth at Pueblo's Cinco de Mayo.
Senator John Hickenlooper stops by the Dems' State Fair Booth.
Support Unions -- They Gave Us the 5-Day Work Week.



Pueblo County Democrats:

Working to elect strong, progressive leaders
who will move forward
Pueblo County & Colorado.


The Democratic Dispatch 1

September 8, 2021


Join Us and DNC Chair Jaime Harrison for a Grassroots Reunion!

JOIN US on Thursday, September 9, 2021 @ 5:00 PM at ReelWorks Denver (formerly known as EXDO Event Center) for a grassroots reunion and fundraiser with all of your favorite Colorado Dems! We're pleased that DNC Chair Jaime Harrison will join us virtually!

You will also hear from elected officials like Congresswoman Diana DeGette, Attorney General Phil Weiser, Secretary of State Jena Griswold, State Treasurer Dave Young, and CO House Speaker Alec Garnett, who will be there fire folks for 2022!

This event will be a great way to see people from across the state that you have not seen in a while.

The venue requires that all attendees show proof of COVID-19 vaccination upon attending so PLEASE bring a digital copy or hard copy of your vaccine card!

Thanks to the way the venue is built, the event will be both indoors and outdoors, so come join us for some food, drink and lots of fun!

New Laws from the 2021 Legislative Session!

BIG NEWS! Nearly 170 of the 502 laws passed during the 2021 legislative session go into effect today, with acts subject to petition becoming effective 90 days after the legislature adjourns.

“From passing new laws to combat climate change and improve our air quality to working to prevent gun violence and lower the cost of housing, the 2021 session was one of the most productive in history,” said Speaker Alec Garnett, D-Denver. “I’m proud of the work lawmakers did last session to support their communities, revitalize our state and help Colorado build back stronger.” Click here to read more!

All or portions of the following laws take effect today:

  • HB21-1286 (Kipp, A. Valdez)– Energy Performance for Buildings
  • HB21-1048 (Valdez A)– Retail Business Must Accept Cash
  • HB21-1084 (Exum, Van Winkle)– Drivers Licenses For Foster Children
  • HB21-1108 (Esgar)– Gender Identity Expression Anti-discrimination
  • HB21-1116 (Holtorf, Ortiz)– Purple Heart Recipient Free State Park Access
  • HB21-1117 (Lontine, Gonzales-Gutierrez)– Local Government Authority Promote Affordable Housing Units
  • HB21-1119 (Rich, Daugherty)– Suicide Prevention, Intervention, & Postvention
  • HB21-1142 (Bacon)– Eyewitness Identification Showup Regulations
  • HB21-1173 (Mullica)– Prohibiting Legacy Preferences in Higher Ed Insts
  • HB21-1181 (McCormick, Will)– Agricultural Soil Health Program
  • HB21-1200 (Kipp, Rich)– Revise Student Financial Literacy Standards
  • HB21-1223 (McLachlan, Soper)– Create Outdoor Recreation Industry Office
  • HB21-1238 (Bernett)– Public Utilities Commission Modernize Gas Utility Demand-side Management Standards
  • HB21-1280 (Woodrow, Gonzales-Gutierrez)– Pre-trial Detention Reform
  • HB21-1307 (Roberts)– Prescription Insulin Pricing And Access
  • HB21-1310 (Cutter)– Homeowners’ Association Regulation of Flags and Signs
  • SB21-006 (Soper, Titone)– Human Remains Natural Reduction Soil
  • SB21-011 (Mullica and Pelton)– Pharmacist Prescribe Dispense Opiate Antagonist
  • SB21-025 (Tipper and Will)– Family Planning Service For Eligible Individuals
  • SB21-075 (Tipper, Young)– Supported Decision-making Agreement
  • SB21-077 (Benavidez, Kipp)– Remove Lawful Presence Verification Credentialing
  • SB21-078 (Sullivan, Herod)– Lost or Stolen Firearms
  • SB21-123 (McCormick)– Expand Canadian Rx Import Program
  • SB21-154 (Cutter, Soper)– 988 Suicide Prevention Lifeline Network
  • SB21-185 (McLachlan, McCluskie)– Supporting Educator Workforce in Colorado
  • SB21-249 (Will, Tipper)– Keep Colorado Wild Annual Pass
  • HB21-1009 (Bernett)– Update Division of Housing  Function & Local Development
  • HB21-1010 (Ricks, Gonzales-Gutierrez)– Diverse K-12 Educator Workforce Report
  • HB21-1012 (Mullica, Rich)– Expand Prescription Drug Monitoring Program 
  • HB21-1013 (Snyder, Van Winkle)– Division of Domestic Stock Insurer
  • HB21-1016 (Ortiz, Lynch)– Transfer Jurisdiction To Veteran’s Speciality Court
  • HB21-1019 (Hooton)– Modification to Regulations of Factory-built Structures
  • HB21-1021 (Pelton, Caraveo)– Peer Support Professionals Behavioral Health
  • HB21-1025 (Arndt)– Nonsubstantive Emails And Open Meetings Law
  • HB21-1028 (Bird, Rich)– Annual Public Report Affordable Housing
  • HB21-1030 (McCluskie, McKean)– Expanding Peace Officers Mental Health Grant Program
  • HB21-1044 (Hooton, Larson)– Winery License Include Noncontiguous Areas
  • HB21-1045 (Young, Valdez D)– Invasive Pest Control Administration
  • HB21-1046 (Arndt, Catlin)– Water Share Right Mutual Ditch Corporation
  • HB21-1050 (Gray, Van Winkle)– Workers Compensation
  • HB21-1051 (Geitner, Bird)– Public Info Applicants For Public Employment
  • HB21-1052 (McKean)– Define Pumped Hydroelectricity As Renewable Energy
  • HB21-1056 (Pelton)– Cost Thresholds For Public Project Bidding Reqmnts
  • HB21-1061 (Gray)– Residential Land Property Tax Certification
  • HB21-1063 (Lontine)– Model Law Credit Extraterritorial Reinsurance
  • HB21-1065 (Ortiz, Carver)– Veterans’ Hiring Preference
  • HB21-1066 (Bockenfeld, Michaelson Jenet)– CDOT Financial Reporting Requirements
  • HB21-1069 (Carver, Roberts)– Enforcement of Sexual Exploitation of A Child
  • HB21-1073 (Van Beber, Michaelson Jenet)– Support Foster Families License Plate
  • HB21-1075 (Lontine)– Replace The Term Illegal Alien
  • HB21-1099 (Ransom, Michaelson Jenet)– Policies & Procedures To Identify Domestic Abuse
  • HB21-1100 (Soper)– Electronic Filing Of Documents With Governmental Entities
  • HB21-1102 (Duran, Soper)– Consumer Protection For Dog & Cat Purchasers
  • HB21-1104 (Larson, McLachlan)– Professional Educator Licensure Renewal Period
  • HB21-1105 (Kennedy)– Low-income Utility Payment Assistance Contributions
  • HB21-1111 (McKean)– Consent Collection Personal Information
  • HB21-1115 (Kipp, Mullica)– Board Of Health Member Requirements
  • HB21-1123 (Michaelson Jenet, Larson)– CAPS Checks For Substantiated Mistreatment Of Adult
  • HB21-1128 (Michaelson Jenet)– Hospice And Palliative Care License Plate
  • HB21-1131 (Amabile)– Cooperative Electric Associations Governance Requirements
  • HB21-1137 (Weissman, Van Winkle)– Limit Notification General Assembly Regarding Adoption Of Rules
  • HB21-1140 (Titone)– Eliminate Donor Costs For Living Organ Donations
  • HB21-1141 (Hooton)– Electric Vehicle License Plate
  • HB21-1145 (Kipp and Soper)– Support Pollinator Special License Plate
  • HB21-1147 (Valdez, D and Van Winkle)– Simplify Architects Continuing Education Requirement
  • HB21-1148 (Bockenfeld, Michaelson Jenet)– Colorado State Fair Annual Report Submission Date Change
  • HB21-1150 (Jodeh)– Create The Colorado Office Of New Americans
  • HB21-1151 (McLachlan, Catlin)– Indian Tribes To Certify Own Foster Homes
  • HB21-1152 (Valdez D., Lynch)– Repeal Obsolete Capitol Dome Restoration Fund
  • HB21-1153 (Arndt, Valdez D.)– Enter Zone Child Care Income Tax Credit
  • HB21-1154 (Valdez D., Lynch)– Modification To Child Care Tax Credit To Address Defects
  • HB21-1156 (Lynch, Pico)– Fix Defects Related To Severance Withholdings
  • HB21-1157 (Arndt, Lynch)– Accurate References For Department of Revenue Tax Administration
  • HB21-1158 (Valdez D., Lynch)– Special Fuel Farm Equipment Sales Use Tax
  • HB21-1160 (Duran, Soper)– Care Of Dogs And Cats In Pet Animal Facilities
  • HB21-1167 (Duran, Will)– Private Construction Contract Payments
  • HB21-1177 (Valdez D., Lynch)– Add Use Tax Exemption to Some Sales Tax Exemption
  • HB21-1178 (Pico and Valdez, D)– Correcting Errors in the Colorado Marijuana Code
  • HB21-1180 (Valdez D., Will)– Measures to Increase Biomass Utilization
  • HB21-1186 (Gray, Sullivan)– Regional Transportation District Operation
  • HB21-1187(Young and Pelton)– Long-term Services and Support Case Management Redesign
  • HB21-1188 (Kennedy)– Additional Liability Under Respondeat Superior
  • HB21-1193 (Gray)– Consumer Protection Supplemental Restraint Systems
  • HB21-1194 (Tipper, Ricks)– Immigration Legal Defense Fund
  • HB21-1195 (Van Winkle, Michaelson Jenet)– Regulation of Radon Professionals
  • HB21-1198 (Jodeh)– Healthcare Billing Requirements for Indigent Patients
  • HB21-1208 (Cutter, Gray)– Natural Disaster Mitigation Enterprise
  • HB21-1209 (Gonzales-Gutierrez)– Parole Eligibility for Youthful Offenders
  • HB21-1212 (Soper)– Diversity of Governor’s Appointments to Boards
  • HB21-1214 (Weissman, Bacon)– Record Sealing Collateral Consequences Reduction
  • HB21-1217 (Bockenfeld, Bacon)– Military Family Open Enrollment in Public Schools
  • HB21-1218 (Duran, Bockenfeld)– Professional Firefighter License Plate
  • HB21-1219 (Esgar, Mullica)– Nurse Special License Plate
  • HB21-1222 (A.Valdez, Van Winkle)– Regulation of Family Child Care Homes
  • HB21-1225 (Bird, Will)– Electronic Recording Technology Board
  • HB21-1226 (Esgar, Will)– More Robust Check Station Aquatic Nuisance Species
  • HB21-1227 (Lontine)– Medicaid Nursing Facilities Demonstration Of Need
  • HB21-1229 (Titone, Ricks)– Home Owners’ Associations Governance Funding Record Keeping
  • HB21-1236 (Titone, Baisley)– State Information Technology
  • HB21-1241 (Daugherty, Lynch)– Employee-owned Business Loan Program Modifications
  • HB21-1245 (Sullivan)– On-track Equipment Railroad Crossings
  • HB21-1247 (Jackson, McKean)– Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Contract Pay To Grantees Up Front
  • HB21-1248 (Amabile)– Colorado Children’s Trust Fund Act
  • HB21-1249 (Roberts, Michaelson Jenet)– Repeal Gaming City Audit Requirement
  • HB21-1267 (Lontine, Larson)– County Authority To Delegate Mill Levy Certification
  • HB21-1274 (Titone)– Unused State-owned Real Property Beneficial Use
  • HB21-1275 (Lontine and Will)– Medicaid Reimbursement For Services By Pharmacists
  • HB21-1284 (Valdez A, Van Winkle)– Limit Fee Install Active Solar Energy System
  • HB21-1291 (Van Winkle, Exum)– Insurer Agent Branded Vehicle Title
  • HB21-1293 (Snyder, Larson)– Banks Modify Threshold Credentialed Appraiser
  • HB21-1300 (Weissman, Neville)– Health-care Provider Liens For Injured Persons
  • HB21-1301 (Esgar)– Cannabis Outdoor Cultivation Measures
  • HB21-1303 (Bernett, McLachlan)– Global Warming Potential For Public Project Material
  • HB21-1306 (Garnett, Geitner)– Accreditation Of Postsecondary Institutions
  • HB21-1323 (Cutter, Amabile)– Special Olympics License Plate
  • HB21-1324 (Pelton, Roberts,)– Promote Innovative And Clean Energy Technologies
  • SB21-004 (Esgar, Luck)– Jurisdiction Over Pueblo Chemical Depot.
  • SB21-008 (Valdez D., Holtorf)– Remove Junior From Certain College Names
  • SB21-009 (Caraveo)– Reproductive Health Care Program
  • SB21-015 (Ortiz, Lynch)– Veterans Service Organization Stipend For Funeral Services
  • SB21-017 (Larson, Bradfield)– Sexual Contact By An Educator
  • SB21-020 (Valdez A, Soper)– Energy Equipment and Facility Property Tax Valuation
  • SB21-021 (Young and Carver)– Audiology And Speech-language Interstate Compact
  • SB21-022 (Snyder, McKean)– Notification Requirements For Health Care Policy And Financing Audit
  • SB21-032 (Ortiz)– Mobile Veterans-support Unit Grant Program
  • SB21-035 (Bird)– Restrictions On Third-party Food Delivery Services
  • SB21-038 (Kennedy, Van Winkle)– Expansion of Complementary And Alternative Medicine
  • SB21-040 (Rich)– Driver’s History Profession Or Occupation Decision
  • SB21-056 (Gray, Van Winkle)– Expand Cannabis-based Medicine At Schools
  • SB21-063 (Hooton and Pelton)– Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements Offer Insurance
  • SB21-065 (Mullica)– Gasoline and Special Fuels Tax Information Disclosure
  • SB21-067 (McLachlan, Carver)– Strengthening Civics Education
  • SB21-069 (A Valdez, Ortiz)– License Plate Expiration On Change Of Ownership
  • SB21-070 (Bird)– County Authority To Register Businesses
  • SB21-082 (Mullica)– Alcohol Beverage Festival for Tastings and Sales
  • SB21-084 (Gray)– Local government authority roughed-in roads.
  • SB21-090 (Michaelson Jenet, Soper)– Child Sexual Abuse Accountability Act
  • SB21-107 (Young and McLachlan)– Honoring Carrie Ann Lucas
  • SB21-115 (Titone, Larson)– Annual Funding for Talking Book Library Services
  • SB21-119 (Esgar, Geitner)– Increasing Access To High-Quality Credentials
  • SB21-126 (Michaelson Jenet, Soper)– Timely Credentialing Of Physicians By Insurers
  • SB21-129 (Ortiz)– Veteran Suicide Prevention Pilot Program
  • SB21-133 (Catlin, Will)– Donated Alcohol Beverages for Special Events
  • SB21-135 (Duran, Froelich)– Prohibit Certain Animals in Traveling Animal Act.
  • SB21-145 (Valdez D)– Extending Expiring Tax Check-offs
  • SB21-153 (Ortiz, Tipper)– Department of Corrections Offender Identification Assistance Program
  • SB21-155 (Amabile, Baisley)– Limited Gaming Commission Member From Gaming Area
  • SB21-157 (Michaelson Jenet, Baisley)– Increase Cap Charter School Moral Obligation Bonds
  • SB21-158 (Titone and Duran)– Increase Medical Providers For Senior Citizens
  • SB21-160 (Snyder)– Modification to Local Government Election Codes
  • SB21-162 (Snyder, Soper)– Colorado Uniform Trust Code Part 5
  • SB21-167 (Gray, Larson)– Regulation of Child Care Centers
  • SB21-169 (Ricks and Esgar)– Restrict Insurers’ Use Of External Consumer Data
  • SB21-174 (Cooke, Ginal)– Policies For Peace Officer Credibility Disclosures
  • SB21-188 (Duran, Ortiz)– Ballot access for voters with disabilities.
  • SB21-191 (McLachlan, McCluskie)– Residency Requirement Western Colorado University Board
  • SB21-192 (Amabile)– Housing Mentors In Youthful Offender Facility
  • SB21-193 (Herod)– Protection of Pregnant People in the Criminal Justice System
  • SB21-194 (Herod)– Maternal Health Providers
  • SB21-198 (Roberts, Bockenfeld)– Repeal Capital Construction Education Fund Report Requirement
  • SB21-217 (McCluskie)– Market Rate Study for Child care Assistance Program
  • SB21-246 (Valdez, Froelich)– Electric Utility Promote Beneficial Electrification
  • SB21-253 (Carver, Michaelson Jenet)– Women Veterans With Disabilities License Plate
  • SB21-254 (Lynch, Pico)– Eliminate Obsolete Committee Child Care Licensing
  • SB21-255 (Titone, Herod)– Free Menstrual Hygiene Products To Students
  • SB21-262 (Bird, McKean)– Special District Transparency
  • SB21-269 (Michaelson Jenet, Van Beber)– Licensing Of Respite Child Care Centers
  • SB21-270 (Valdez A, Larson)– Increase Alcohol Beverages On-premises Production
  • SB21-284 (Herod and Ransom)– Evidence-based Evaluations For Budget

The American Rescue Plan
How is it helping folks?

Task force: Denver should spend $55 million from American Rescue Plan Act funds on public safety priorities

Colorado Politics

The task force created to make recommendations for overhauling policing and public safety in Denver wants the city to use about $55 million in federal money from the American Rescue Plan Act to fund six of its core priorities.

The task force released 112 recommendations in May. Many of these focus on public safety initiatives that reduce the roles of traditional law enforcement and address historical harms that policing and the criminal legal system may cause communities of color and people living in poverty.


Denver will receive $308 million total from the American Rescue Plan Act. The city received $154 million in July, and the second installment will come in 2022.

Click here to read more.

Remember -- Colorado Republicans like Lauren Boebert, Ken Buck, and Doug Lamborn all voted 'No' to helping Colorado families. 

Meanwhile, all of Colorado's Democratic members of the Congressional delegation voted 'Yes'!

But how else does the American Rescue Plan specifically help Coloradans, you ask? Click the link to find out!

Local Candidates Corner!

Like the late, great Democratic speaker of the house Tip O'Neill famously said, "All Politics is Local". We couldn't agree more -- down ballot races are often where the most local and impactful offices are elected, and we want *you* to be aware of which Democrats are running for your local races! To help us help elect Democrats to every local seat possible, click here to get your very own Vote Local swag!

All proceeds go towards our efforts to elect Democrats up AND down the ticket!

Meet Candidates Running this November!

Democrats Running for Mayor of Brighton!

Laurie Lozano Maier

Wayne Scott


We have a chance to flip Brighton's Mayoral office BLUE!

Greg Mills -- the current Republican mayor of Brighton, CO in Adams County -- is running for re-election! Above are the two Democratic candidates running for Mayor who have submitted Candidate Affidavits!

Take a look at Laurie and Wayne, the two Democrats filed to run for office, and see which candidate you'd like to support!

Democrats Running for School Board in Brighton/Thornton!

Blaine Nickeson is the current Vice President of the 27J Board of Education, he represents District 4, and he is a Democrat! Blaine is running for re-election, and he would love your help and support and getting re-elected this fall!

Click here to reach out to Blaine on Twitter and ask him how you can help!

Opportunities with Colorado Dems!

Virtual Town Hall: Jobs + Economic Development
(Saturday, Sept. 18 @ 10AM)

Job creation and economic development are cornerstones of building up a community. Development and job creation means more people move to an area for jobs, for shopping, for visiting family! How can we increase this?

Here in this edition of Colorado Conversations, we talk to experts and elected officials about promoting job creation and economic development, and what we can do as a state to continue to promote this all across Colorado!

Can't make it on Saturday, September 18? Check out the schedule of our upcoming Colorado Conversations virtual town halls and mark ones you're interested in on your calendar!


If you have been trained on the DNC's National Voter Assistance Hotline and have done at least one shift during the past year, we need your help YOUR HELP to fight the shall recall happening in California.

The Democrats have added shifts the week before the California Gubernatorial Recall Election (September 14) in anticipation of increased call volume and we are also gearing up for the November elections.

Click here to sign up for Hotline shifts from now through September 30.

Click here to sign up for Hotline shifts starting October 1.


County Parties and Initiatives!

GO Gunnison Dems!

Not only do #DemsDeliver when it comes to legislation and working for the people, but #DemsDeliver for the community when it comes to community service! Here, the Gunnison County Dems are getting ready to work with Habitat for Humanity to build a house for their neighbors!

Way to go Chair Laurie Gery and Team Gunnison County Dems!

Sock Drop/Sock Hop Benefit: Help for Colorado Homeless LGBTQIA+ Youth

Throughout the month of September, Stonewall is accepting donations through our annual Sock Drop Sock Hop Benefit. We are one week into Sock Drop Sock Hop and we’ve raised $760 of our $2000 goal

Any donation helps Urban Peak provide clothing to keep these kids from freezing in the winter!

  • $5 - Two pairs of socks
  • $10 - Two pairs of socks, winter gloves
  • $20 - Four pairs of socks, winter gloves and hat
  • $50 - Four pairs of socks, undergarments, winter gloves and hat
  • $100 - Six pairs of socks, winter coat, undergarments, winter gloves/hat

Thank you to all of you who have donated so far.


All funds donated from September 1st to September 30th will be given to Urban Peak as part of the Sock Drop/Sock Hop Benefit. Visit the Stonewall Democrats of Colorado Facebook page for more details.



Texas’ New Abortion Law Has Colorado Providers Anticipating Influx Of Out-Of-State Patients

CPR News

Abortion providers in Colorado are anticipating an influx of people from Texas seeking abortion care after a new law went into effect on Wednesday. The Texas law bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy and allows private citizens to sue both providers and others who help women receive abortion care, such as rideshare drivers.

Click here to read more!

Gov. Jared Polis amends, extends executive order on eviction protection

The Denver Post

Gov. Jared Polis has amended and extended an executive order pertaining to COVID-19 recovery efforts and rental housing eviction protection.

“The order extends directives that provide tenants who have a pending application for emergency rental assistance with 30 days to make past-due rental payments rather than 10 days,” the governor’s office said Saturday in a news release.

Click here to read more.

Rep. Joe Neguse proposes legislation to complete Continental Divide Trail

Summit Daily

Rep. Joe Neguse proposed legislation directing the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management to work together to finish the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail in time for the trail’s 50th anniversary in 2028.

Click here to read more.

Secretary of State adopts election rules

CS Indy

The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office filed a notice of final rulemaking Aug. 26, to implement the 2021 Colorado Votes Act and ensure that elections processes are secure and up to date. This followed a virtual public rulemaking hearing on election rules held Aug. 3.

Click here to read more.

Colorado Congresswoman Diana DeGette Works To Pass Women’s Health Protection Act After Texas’ Restrictive Abortion Law

CBS Denver

Colorado Congresswoman Diana DeGette is teaming up with other members of Congress to pass the Women’s Health Protection act. This would guarantee the right of all Americans to access abortion care regardless of where they live.

Click here to read more.

Polis, Hickenlooper and Neguse say jobs, fighting climate change are good partners

Colorado Politics

Creating jobs and fighting climate change go hand in hand, some of Colorado's top Democrats said at an event organized by environmentalist at Union Station in Denver Wednesday morning.

Gov. Jared Polis, U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper and U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse called on their colleagues in Congress to finance rail and other transit projects, as well as invest in infrastructure for election vehicles as lawmakers consider infrastructure in the upcoming budget reconciliation.

Click here to read more.

Modernizing SNAP After the Pandemic

The Regulatory Review

Congress should pass the Food for Families in Crisis Act, introduced by U.S. Senator Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), that would reform SNAP by implementing an “economic trigger to jumpstart automatic stabilizers” if the economy meets certain conditions. If these conditions are met, SNAP would automatically increase by 15 percent until the economy recovers. In addition, the minimum benefit would increase to $30 and work requirements would be suspended for the duration of the crisis.

Click here to read more.

Ed Perlmutter Has Support for Marijuana Banking Bill, but Will It Get to the Floor?


If anyone seemed poised to push marijuana legislation over the hill after the 2020 election, it was U.S. Representative Ed Perlmutter. The Colorado congressman had been pushing his Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act since 2013 and was making progress within the U.S. House of Representatives.

Click here to read more.

GOP Watch

G.O.P. Election Reviews Create a New Kind of Security Threat

NY Times

Late one night in May, after surveillance cameras had inexplicably been turned off, three people entered the secure area of a warehouse in Mesa County, Colo., where crucial election equipment was stored. They copied hard drives and election-management software from voting machines, the authorities said, and then fled.

Click here to read more.

Volunteer of the Week

Meet Ruth, this week's Volunteer of the Week!

I’m the Colorado Young Democrats Vice President, the JeffCo Young Dems President, a Precinct Organizer, and Captain in HD 24. Recently I was re-elected for my second term as the Southwest Regional Director for the Young Democrats of America. It’s a lot of hats, but I wear them all for one goal, increased youth civic participation to create a better future for generations to come.

I am a graphic designer and illustrator and I help young democrats locally and nationally with graphic design and consulting on communications and fundraising. I’ve volunteered my time and skills to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.

I do this for my daughter, her and her generation's future. I was pregnant with her when the tragedy at Sandy Hook took place and I knew I had to be involved. I started locally with city boards and commissions and became engaged with the Party in 2016. I fight for healthcare, better education, gun control and climate action.

We are the ones we have been waiting for and we all have a part to play in Democratic Party organizing.

Want to volunteer and help elect Democrats across Colorado like Art is doing? Click the button below to join our talent bank, and we'll get you plugged in!

Dems On the Road!

CD3 Regional Field Organizer Berna Hostetter joined the Pueblo Dems this weekend for a Fiesta Day parade and a luncheon with the Colorado Democratic Latino Initiative in the Home of the Heroes!

The Funnies

Credit: Steve Breen

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