Pueblo Chili pickers, Rep. Daneya Esgar (HD-46) & Gov. Jared Polis
Democrats clean up Pueblo's Mitchell Park.
Bri Buentello and Eppie Griego at Do Drop Inn Fundraiser
Our Headquarters sign, during campaign season and off-season
Governor Jared Polis came to Pueblo to call our bingo game.
Democrats call on Rep. Lauren Boebert (CD-3) to resign.
2019 Democratic Party Picnic at City Park
Rep. Donald Valdez (HD-62) at the Masketeer Mask Giveaway
Jason Munoz mans Dems' booth at Pueblo's Cinco de Mayo.
Senator John Hickenlooper stops by the Dems' State Fair Booth.
Support Unions -- They Gave Us the 5-Day Work Week.



Pueblo County Democrats:

Working to elect strong, progressive leaders
who will move forward
Pueblo County & Colorado.


🎉 CO Dems Delivered!  🎉

At the start of 2022, we promised to deliver transformational changes to #MoveCOForward – we did exactly that & more!

This year, Dems took important steps to make Colorado a more affordable, safer & healthier place to live, work & raise a family.

This session Dems had four main areas of focus:

✔️ Cut costs & save you money
✔️ Increase access to affordable housing & health care 
✔️ Create safer communities for you & your family
✔️ Support our students, teachers & workforce

Here are some of the bills we wanted to highlight:

Tax Relief and Cashback for Individuals and Families: Democrats passed legislation to save the average homeowner $274 on their property taxes (SB22-238); provide advanced tax refunds this summer to every Colorado resident (SB22-233); help tax filers take advantage of tax reforms that will save families and workers $180 million this year through the expanded earned income tax credit and child tax credit (SB22-182); and save homeowners money on wildfire mitigation (HB22-1007).

Major Increase in K-12 Education Funding: The 2022 School Finance Act increases funding for K-12 public schools by nearly $550 per student on average to put more resources directly into classrooms that school districts can use to increase teacher pay, reduce class sizes and ensure students have what they need to thrive. State support for K-12 education will increase by $431 million to $8.4 billion, reducing the Budget Stabilization Factor by over $180 million to the lowest level since it was created.

Increasing Behavioral Health Care Access: Democrats passed legislation to expand access to behavioral health care and save people money on the treatment they need to support their health and well-being. This $450 million package expands access to critical services for adults, youth, and families; increases access to substance use disorder treatment; bolsters the behavioral health workforce; and adds more residential treatment beds. (HB22-1281SB22-196HB22-1302SB22-147SB22-148HB22-1283HB22-1303SB22-181SB22-177HB22-1278).

Protecting Abortion Rights and Access: The Reproductive Health Equity Act (HB22-1279) updates Colorado’s laws to protect reproductive rights and establish a fundamental right to choose to continue a pregnancy and give birth, or to have an abortion.

Resources for Volunteer Firefighters and Wildfire Investigations: This bill supports Colorado’s local volunteer fire departments with $5 million so they have the resources to purchase necessary equipment, provide training and behavioral health care services to firefighters and respond safely to wildfires (SB22-002). Democrats also passed legislation to help local fire departments in investigating the cause and origin of wildland fires (SB22-080).

To see all the bills passed here!

Yadira Caraveo for CD8

For Rep. Yadira Caraveo, becoming a pediatrician, an accomplished legislator, and a successful advocate for children all started with a dream: her parents’ dream.

Yadira’s parents came to Colorado from a small town in Mexico, looking for a better life.  They didn’t have much education or much money, but they knew that hard work and caring for others are the values that build strong communities and family. They raised their four children with those values — on a construction worker’s pay in the Adams County home they still live in — doing whatever it took to put them on a path to success. All four were able to go to college and graduate in the span of a single generation, an incredible testament to the American Dream.

In Congress, Yadira will continue her commitment to the families she sees every day in Colorado, building on her work to lower health care costs, address the high cost of housing, combat climate change, protect a woman’s right to choose, and stop Republicans from taking away Americans’ right to vote.

Because Yadira understands how the health care system works from the inside, she’ll bring a unique perspective to health care reform, and the fight to lower drug and insurance costs and expand access to quality care.  

In Congress, Yadira will be driven by the same values her parents taught her and her siblings — to work hard and always finish what you’ve started, and to jump in to help without being asked.  She will fight to make loud the voices of Coloradans long ignored in Washington, particularly those of Brown, Black and Indigenous communities.

Serving on the education committee, as well as the Joint Budget Committee, Sen. Rachel Zenzinger is also a former educator. This session she has passed legislation to increase funding in special education, improve teacher evaluation processes, and provide increased financial aid to foster youth attending public Colorado universities.

To find out more about Sen. Zenzinger check out her website 

and donate here!

Rep'd Question of the Week
Molly asked: What are Colorado
elected officials doing to address
the housing crisis?

Watch Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party, Morgan Carroll talk about how Colorado Dems are working to find solutions to afforadable housing!


What's Happening Around the State

Join us for our 2022 Democracy Tour this summer! See when the Party will be in your Colorado community. We look forward this summer!

Join the Stonewall Dems Potluck this Postponed! 

The Stonewall Democrats of Colorado will be hosting a BBQ and Potluck in the Park is now moved to August 13th!

Do you know who your candidates are this year?

The 2021 Colorado Redistricting changed the Congressional, House, and Senate districts in which many of us live. Who is running for your district and how can you get to know them? 

Mid-term elections matter: they determine which parties hold the influence to pass and veto power to block legislation in the Statehouse and D.C. Democrats need unassailable majorities at ALL levels of government to protect our rights to vote, to make our own healthcare and family planning decisions, to marry who we love, and more.

DATE & TIME: Sunday, May 29, 4:30-5:30 pm  RSVP: Click on Zoom link below to sign up.


Join Our Big Tent Team!

Now more than ever we need your help to fight the extreme Republican candidates running for office this mid-term. With your help we can keep Colorado Blue in 2022 and keep our majorites here at home and in Washington.

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We Stand with You to Address Issues Critical in Pueblo County

More and Better Jobs

  • Bring well-paying jobs to Pueblo County
  • Jumpstart our economy through local and national public works programs
  • Support strong labor unions, the creators of the middle class

Excellent Public Schools

  • Provide competitive salaries and benefits to attract exceptional teachers
  • Reduce the burden of standardized testing
  • Increase funding for infrastructure and technology

A Strong Safety Net

  • Strengthen the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) by boosting the exchanges and reducing costs
  • Resist all cuts to Medicare and Medicaid
  • Support SNAP and other critical programs

Immigration Reform

  • Halt or reduce summary deportations
  • Offer a path to citizenship for all qualified immigrants
  • Promote health care, education, nutrition, and family unity

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